World Ventures is empowering the most vulnerable people around the world through the provision of micro-loans and ethical business training. With local cooperation and partnerships from other organizations and individuals, we come alongside the world’s poorest to help them utilize their own God-given tools and talents to pull themselves and their families from extreme poverty into self-sufficiency, with hope and vision for their future! We currently operate in over 20 different countries.

Our mission is to provide capital, business training, encouragement, and refreshment to those who would otherwise have no opportunity or ability to start their own viable businesses.  In turn, these people will be freed from the grips of poverty and will be better able to serve others in their communities, all while being self-sustaining, providing for their own families, communities, churches, and others in the hope of bringing God glory!

With over 4 billion people living on less than $4 per day, it is our passion, through the provision of micro-loans, that the poorest people worldwide will have the opportunity to run their own businesses and live a life with dignity and purpose.  We long to see these people freed from poverty, self-sustaining, and sharing the loving message of the gospel with their families and their communities.


World Ventures is a non-profit organization, established in 2002, by a group of business, manufacturing, and agricultural professionals.  After drawing upon one of the founding members 25+ years of serving as a missionary in developing countries, they realized that many of the programs to assist development in these countries were approaching problems from the top-down.  These programs, in general, had limited success because they did not involve the people in planning projects.  The finances came from outside sources with minimal input from the local people, who were viewed as needing assistance.  Ownership of the programs rested in the hands of experts, who were always outside the system.  Because these programs depended on these experts and their finances, most of the projects failed after the organizational input ceased.

Therefore, there was a critical need to address this situation and develop a bottom-up process that would maximize culturally sensitive projects designed by the local beneficiaries.   And so, this group began to study the problem by meeting with individuals who were involved in cross-cultural business in Asia and Africa. Through these meetings they realized there was a significant need for a mentoring approach to assist entrepreneurs in the developing world.  Thus, World Ventures began, a board was formed with advisors, and three projects were undertaken.  Since 2002, World Ventures has expanded greatly.  We are now serving hundreds of businessmen and businesswomen in over 20 countries with self-sustainable opportunities all implemented at the local level.


Our leadership team is committed to using the gifts God has entrusted to them to bring the light of the Gospel to the nations.

Dr. Stephen Coats


Stephen Coats, MD moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1978 after completing medical school at Indiana University and his specialty training at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Ryan Bonner

Vice President

Ryan joined the World Ventures Board in 2012, and serves as the current Vice President. Ryan graduated from Huntington University with a degree in business management, and is a Financial Advisor with “Wells Fargo Advisors” in Angola Indiana.

Barry Steinman


Barry serves as Board Treasurer, and is also one of the founders of World Ventures.  Barry has both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in agriculture from Purdue.  He taught agriculture in high school for 5 years, raised corn, soybeans and wheat for 35 years on 1,500 acres, was a partner in John Deere equipment dealership for 20 years, and was church Treasurer for 20+ years.

Rick Gerig


Rick and his wife Lori Gerig reside in Northeast Indiana where they have raised their four children and have three grandchildren.  For nearly 20 years they have owned and operated a small business which provides services to the senior community throughout the tri-state area.

Sam Birkey


Sam is one of the founding members of World Ventures and is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Agriculture. Sam has spent the last 45+ years devoting his life to missionary work in Haiti, the surrounding Caribbean area, and Russia.

Taylor Beaty


Taylor joined the World Ventures Board in 2016.  She received her bachelor of liberal arts in history from DePauw University in 2012, graduated from Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law in 2015, and currently practices law in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Taylor has performed extensive scholarly research on human trafficking and she is passionate about empowering people worldwide to pursue their God-given dreams by breaking the cycle of poverty.

Joe Stutzman


With over 30 years of leadership and new business development, Joe is excited to be involved with an organization that is committed to helping others improve their lives, and he offers tremendous help in providing wise business counsel to many of our clients.


We work with the very best.  We are proud of our partners, who work with us to change lives for God’s glory.