Project Description

Austrian Exotic Sauces

Although the refugee crisis in Europe is no longer making headline news, refugees continue to pour into Europe.  One family in Austria, who feels a strong calling to aid these immigrants, is working to make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of the refugees they encounter.

The Venture:

Nana and Sita Couffie approached World Ventures with a proposal to market and manufacture exotic sauces from the Ivory Coast of Africa, their native home.  Nana and Sita had three goals in starting this business:

  • Supplement their personal income
  • Generate funds to assist local refugees in need
  • Provide employment for refugees


The Impact:

In December of 2014, Nana and Sita Coffie introduced exotic pepper sauce, under the brand name “MAMA-SITAS”, to local and international markets.  Within just a few months their business began to turn a profit and has been growing ever since. Encouraged by the quote, “Christ to every refugee and through every refugee Christ to the world”, Nana and Sita are changing lives through their hearts of service.  The positive impact of this venture for refugees and migrants in Austria is unmistakable:

  • Provided 2,000 lunch packs, 2,000 water bottles, 500 mobile Sim cards, and groceries
  • Assistance in locating accommodations, furniture, and home appliances
  • Helping refugees gain access to legal and career counseling
  • Assistance in reuniting Syrian refugee families with their family members in Austria

Couffie4Nana and Sita also developed Project Life Change, a program that has been approved and accepted for implementation at three major refugee centers in Austria.  Project Life Change aims to transform the lives of refugees and migrants from hopelessness, fear, loneliness, uncertainty, and dependence into lives of hope, confidence, and unity.  This program, which is open to all interested refugees or migrants, encourages participants to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to the society in which they live.

World Ventures is proud to partner with Nana and Sita in their exotic sauce business, so they can assist local refugees in need.  Nana and Sita are transforming the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities through their commitment to guiding refugees through the obstacles they encounter in a new nation and surrounded by a new culture.  Nana and Sita express their deep appreciation for the faithful prayers, financial, and material support that move their business and their ministry forward.

Burkinabé Boutique

BoutiqueBurkina Faso’s high population density and limited natural resources have resulted in poor economic prospects for much of the country.  Recently, Burkinabé seasonal farm workers have experienced unemployment due to unrest in the border regions of neighboring countries.  Like most African countries, much of Burkina Faso’s population relies on informal commercial markets for food, trade, and crafts.

The Venture:

Amado Yanogo began his business in 2013, selling candies, biscuits, laundry soap, sugar, and other goods on a table near his home.  His ’boutique shop’ was very successful, with a daily increase in customers.  As a result, Amado sought financial assistance in 2016 from World Ventures to expand the variety of products he carried in order to meet the needs of his customers.  Amado’s vision is to be an established commercial retail store that provides quality products and services for his community.

The Impact:

The boutique shop’s impact in Amado’s community is considerable:Grocery

  • For the consumer, the time spent and distance traveled to purchase daily supplies has been substantially reduced
  • There is increased community safety as a result of this decreased travel
  • There is increased economic stability in the community
  • Amado’s children are able to attend school and purchase school supplies
  • 2 new employees were recently hired

Amado is most humbled and grateful for the loan provided through World Ventures and the way in which it has provided for his family and his community.  He is continually committed to incorporating his faith and sharing God’s love in his daily business practices to make an eternal impact.  World Ventures is privileged to partner with Amado in his efforts to provide his community with quality products that will improve their lives.