Project Description

Bhutanese Cardamom Farming

The Venture:Bhutan2

Farming Cardamom, a plant valued for its use as a spice and for medicinal purposes, in Bhutan is very challenging, as pests and wild animals often damage the crop.  Additionally, rainy seasons, warm temperatures, and unpaved roads make planting, tending, and harvesting the Cardamom plant a very labor intensive process. Despite these obstacles, Karma approached World Ventures in March of 2015 with the dream of farming Cardamom to improve his life, the life of his family, and make a positive difference for his community.

The Impact

Karma, now in his second year of farming, has experienced much success.  He maintains a rigorous scheduIMG_1797le of tending to his Cardamom plants and expects his harvest this year to be a bountiful one.  Karma brings his faith and values into his business practices and is using this venture to share God’s love with surrounding communities.  Through his Cardamom farming, Karma is able to travel to surrounding villages, attend worship gatherings, and minister to newly converted Christians.

World Ventures is privileged to partner with Karma in his efforts to make his dreams a reality and demonstrate God’s love through this business venture.