Project Description

Welding2Over the past five years, Burkina Faso’s economic freedom has been declining.  Improvements in investment freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom have been counterbalanced by significant declines in business freedom, financial freedom, and trade freedom.  Although the minimum age for employment is 14 years and laws call for nonhazardous working conditions, a lack of resources means that these standards are seldom enforced and child labor remains a huge problem.

The Venture:

Jean Kafando was trained from 1981 to 1984 in the skills of soldering and spent 15 years working with other individuals to learn the trade and improve his craft before starting his own business in 2000.  Today he has 15 years of experience owning his business, Atelier de Soudure Technique Teega-Wende Kafando Jean et Freres (ASTTW), and working for himself.  He was rewarded in 2004 with a certificate after competing for Grand prix du secteur prive (high prize of private sector) organized by the Ministry of Labor, employment and youth.  Jean maintains a successful business model by requesting that his customers pay the cost of the job material up front and then pay the remaining amount after he finishes and delivers the product.

ChairsJean approached World Ventures in 2016, with the dream of expanding his business and adding a hardware store for the local community.  His professional goal is to register with Burkina-Faso’s Ministry of Labor and Employment, giving him immediate recognition and reinforcing the validity of his business with his customers.

The Impact:

The welding shop’s impact in Jean’s community is considerable.  Atelier de Soudure Technique Teega-Wende Kafando Jean et Freres (ASTTW), has allowed Jean to pay his children’s school fees and meet the daily needs of his family, as well as provide safe employment for the four youth who are working for him.  He is meeting the unique and specific needs of his community through his skills in making chairs, tables, doors, and many other goods for his customers.

Additionally, Jean’s business provides the opportunity for the youth who work for him to become trained in business and in the skill of welding, giving them a better future.  Through his welding business, Jean is able to incorporate his faith and reach out to better his community.  Jean believes that Welding2youth involvement is crucial for the successful future of the business industry in Burkina-Faso.  Jean’s vision is to one day set up a training center so that local youth can be trained in the trade of welding, with the goal of reducing the youth unemployment rate.

World Ventures is privileged to partner with Jean as he uses his God-given talents to provide his community with quality products that will improve their lives and their futures.