Project Description

LiberiaFollowing more than a decade of military conflict, Liberia is a country in need of basic healthcare infrastructure.  Liberian children are in constant need of preventive care that keeps them healthy and in school.  For young girls, the lack of personal hygiene products, access to undergarments, and pain relievers poses a significant danger.  Liberian girls are often forced to use leaves and cloths to care for their monthly cycles, leading to high rates of infection.  This problem also leads to elevated rates of absenteeism due to health challenges, making girls targets for unscrupulous male teachers and often leading to high dropout rates.  In 2014, World Ventures was asked to provide the initial financial capital for Healthy Nation, a Liberian Health Clinic Project under the direction of Dr. Peter Paye.

The Venture:Liberian Health Services copy

Healthy Nation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, provides the following health services to children in Liberia in order to fill a growing gap in the healthcare system:

  • Monthly wellness checkups
  • Monthly small group health education
  • Training first responders in each school
  • Menstrual health education and hygiene products
  • Specialized clinic exclusively for children

Liberian-girls-300x157Healthy Nation recently launched a Girl’s Initiative in order to highlight the challenges young girls who lack proper health education and hygiene products face.  In launching this program, Healthy Nation’s goal is to facilitate the safety, health, and education of girls in Liberia.

World Ventures is privileged to partner with Healthy Nation to extend an opportunity to those interested in making a lasting difference in the health and well-being of the children in this struggling nation.  Please consider becoming a partner with Healthy Nation through World Ventures.  The need for these children is great and $20 will provide preventative health care to a student for one school year.