Project Description

The Venture:Mongolian gardener a

Short growing seasons in Mongolia make agriculture a challenging business prospect.  In 2014, Jeff Spence approached World Ventures with a two-fold venture that could extend the growing season, as well as improve the health of a community.  Therefore, World Ventures furnished the initial capital needed to construct greenhouses and deep water wells that deliver irrigation to the greenhouses.  Importantly, these wells are also used as new shower houses, immediately improving the health and well being of those in the surrounding region.

The Impact:

This venture has produced a variety of positive benefits for the families involved and the local community:

  • Lasting relationships with local families
  • Both the greenhouses and the deep water wells are income-generating, enabling local families to earn regular incomes
  • Good relations with the local government, resulting in an award in 2014 for the best non-governmental organization
  • Providing local leaders with the opportunity to collaborate on ways to improve the everyday lives of local people
  • Promoting sustainability and healthy living practices in the region

This venture provides people in the region with a place to gather together, supplement local agricultural needs, implement healthy hygiene practices, and share God’s love through involvement in outreach projects throughout Mongolia.  In 2015, the founders of this venture built a new greenhouse in Baatsagaan soum and a new well in Erdenetsogt.  They also expanded their discipleship ministry by organizing theological training for local elders and church leaders, worship training for youth aspiring to become worship leaders, shoebox ministries for the needy, and prison ministries that included sharing the Gospel and character development training.

World Ventures is proud to partner with this venture, as it is changing the lives of the families involved and transforming the entire community.