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Motivated entrepreneurs in China wanted to start their own coffee house in their local city. The popular drink is commonly enjoyed in the evenings as a social activity for the Chinese, rather than a habitual caffeine boost in the mornings. It was this social aspect of the coffee scene that our venture partners really wanted to emphasize in their business plan.

World Ventures was approached by these entrepreneurs with a request to help support their coffee shop idea and we agreed to fund this venture.


We’ve just been wowed by the efforts of this coffee shop venture and the results that we witnessed through its growth. In fact, the coffee shop venture was so successful; it paid back its loan in full within four years. And, like most of our successful ventures, when the coffee shop gave back, we used the money to start new ventures.

Lasting Solutions

World Ventures is not about giving others a handout, but giving them a “hand up” as we look to support ventures backed by hardworking individuals who just need a little help to get started. This coffee shop venture not only surpassed our expectations on their loan return, but they continue to sell coffee so successfully that they opened a second location on their own.

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