Healthy Nation – preventative health services to children in Liberia

World Ventures is happy to promote the following opportunity to those interested in making a lasting difference to the health and well-being of the children of this struggling nation.

Healthy Nation works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. They have been invited to serve on the National School Health Steering Committee. However, they maintain and assert their autonomy in order to remain true to their founding principles.

Liberian girls

Healthy Nation’s Girls Initiative

A 2014 survey revealed that the average girl misses at least one day of school each month because of challenges related to their cycle. The primary reasons for such high absenteeism include:

  • Lack of access to feminine hygiene products
  • Lack of access to under garments
  • Lack of access to pain relievers

This reality poses a clear and present danger to each girl – it undermines their safety and health. Girls who lack personal hygiene products often resort to using primitive materials like leaves and used cloths. This exposes them to infections and other health challenges.

Additionally, it leads to high rates of absenteeism, which results in poor academic performance and high dropout rates among girls. Moreover, girls are targeted by unscrupulous male teachers for sexual favors in exchange for make-ups on missed quizzes and tests.

Girls Initiative Goals

The primary goals of the project include:

  • A measurable decrease in infection rates among K-12 students
  • Inculcating a culture of prevention through health education
  • Reducing absenteeism, truancy, and drop-out rate among students

How Can You Help Healthy Nation?

Through World Ventures, you can become a partner in the great work of Healthy Nation as an individual investor or as a business investor.  Note:  It costs $20 to provide preventive healthcare to a student for one school year. Consider investing in this effective health services outreach in Liberia.  The need is great.

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