Project Description

PrimarySchool1Education is a path out of poverty.  Public education in Burkina Faso is not free and, with both a shortage of schools in the country and the inability for many parents to pay for this education, a great number of children simply do not have the opportunity to receive schooling.

The Venture:

Etienne Ilboudo created the Union Relwende Bala Primary School about 8 years ago with one classroom and 20 students.  The school’s mission is to equip a new generation with skills and an education to reduce unemployment and promote socio-economic development in Burkina Faso. While Etienne dreamed of teaching children music, he soon discovered that the children’s needs were much more fundamental – they needed a safe place to learn how to read and write first.  Etienne’s short-term goal is to complete 6 classrooms for the primary school.  His long-term goal is for the school to grow and to add a full high school program so that they can provide both a primary and a secondary education to students.

The Impact:primaryschoolkids

The impact of the Union Relwende Bala Primary School is powerful, positive, and lasting:

  • 2 new classrooms were recently built, complete with cement floors
  • Benches and tables were bought for the classrooms, so that students no longer sit on floor mats
  • 7 educators were hired to teach the students
  • 32 people are financially improved as a result of this venture

Primaryschoolkids2World Ventures is very privileged to partner with Etienne, as every day he strives to engage the hearts and minds of students through faith-based curriculum.  By empowering students to discover and nourish their God-given abilities, Etienne is changing lives and transforming communities.  In his own words, “I did not create this school to develop myself only, if so, I would have continued with my commerce. But I created this to contribute to reduce unemployment and promote socio-economic development in my society.”

Etienne is extremely grateful for the loan provided through World Ventures and encourages all who are to donate these life-changing projects.