Project Description

The Venture:China-map

Entrepreneurs in China, who dreamed of starting a coffee house to improve their own finances and their local community, approached World Ventures for financial assistance to turn this dream into a reality. Coffee is a popular drink in China that is commonly enjoyed in the evenings as a social activity. Instead of focusing on the habitual need for morning caffeine boosts, these entrepreneurs wanted to emphasize the value of social gathering in their business plan.

The Impact:

The coffee shop experienced such tremendous financial growth that the entrepreneurs paid back their loan to World Ventures ahead of schedule. In fact, the coffee shop is continuing to sell coffee so successfully that the entrepreneurs recently opened in a second location!

As with all loans from World Ventures, the money received back from the coffee shop was then used to finance the dreams of other entrepreneurs around the world. World Ventures was extremely proud to partner with these hardworking entrepreneurs, who just needed some financial assistance to make their dreams of improving their family and serving their community a reality.