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The refugee crisis in Europe has not gone away just because the media is not making it headline news any longer. Refugees continue to pour into Austria and other parts of Europe.  While the news stories have featured the overall crisis, one family in Austria is working to make a difference in the lives of the refugees they encounter.

Nana and Sita Couffie approached World Ventures (WV) with a business proposal to manufacture and market exotic sauces from the Ivory Coast of Africa, their native home.

The goal of this venture is three-fold:

  • Supplement their personal income
  • Generate funds to help local people in need
  • Provide employment for refugees

RESULTS! In December of 2014, exotic pepper sauce under the brand name “MAMA-SITAS” was introduced to local and international markets. Within just a few months this venture has started turning a profit!

The Impact to Date

  • Provided  2,000 lunch packs, 2,000 water bottles,  500 mobile Sim cards
  • Provided groceries for refugee families
  • Assisted refugees find accommodation, furniture and home appliances
  • Helped refugees gain access to legal and career counseling and advice
  • Helped four (4) Syrian refugee families attain reunification with their family members in Austria

Project Life Change 

Project Life Change which was designed and developed by Dr. Couffie has been approved and accepted for implementation at three (3) major refugee centers in Upper Austria.

This project’s aim is to transform the lives of refugees and migrants from a state of hopelessness, fear, loneliness, uncertainty and dependence into lives of hope, confidence, and unity, so that they can make a positive impact within the community of refugees and migrants and also in the society in which they live. The project is open to all interested refugees and migrants irrespective of country, nationality, culture, race, gender, color, religion, or creed.

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