The Venture:  Deep well, Greenhouses, Shower House

World Ventures is privileged to be involved with a venture in Mongolia. Greenhouses are necessary in this country to extend the short growing seasons.  Deep Water Wells are needed to provide irrigation to the greenhouses and also are a water source for a new shower house in the community.

The Outcomes:

  • Solid relationships with local families were established as a result of these projects.
  • Both projects have become income-generating which has helped the local families earn regular income.
  • These projects have also helped build good relationship bridges with the local government. In fact, one of the local governments awarded a project as the best NGO (non-government organization) in 2014.
  • These projects also provided a means for local leaders to work together in a collaborative manner.

This is what World Ventures does. We strengthen communities around the world in practical, every-day ways.  Communities are improved.  People’s livelihood is improved.

Mongolian gardener a

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