India map

World Ventures learned about an opportunity in India where we could partner with leaders who sought to improve the lives of the people in their area – specifically, the need for clean water in local gardening efforts.

There was a clean water source. But what was needed was the method to get the clean water into appropriate containers via a well and then get the clean water to the people that needed it.


So how did World Ventures, through people like you, impact this need?

  • $4,200 was invested and 10 well water pumps were purchased.
  • World Ventures also provided a loan to purchase gasoline or electric pumps as needed.
  • The leaders who are paying back the loan have reported the output from their gardens has doubled.
  • With the additional crops, the locals are able to better feed their families, sell some of the crops for income, and give to those in need in their communities.

While this was not a large loan, many people were positively impacted in India.

Investments such as this are available with World Ventures allowing many individuals and businesses to impact multitudes around the world. Thank you for your partnerships with World Ventures!